We are a boutique firm providing consulting services, commercial real estate financing and marketing services to developers, real estate investors and economic development and re-development agencies.

Banking and Lending Experience

We look at your transaction like a banker before the banker does.

In working with clients in real estate transactions for over 20 years, we bring experience in banking, real estate buying and selling transaction.

We know how to represent your interests in negotiating the most favorable rates and terms for you.


Economic Development Agencies

For Economic development agencies, we offer a ONE STOP SOLUTION. 528 Financial  is the only financial services firm providing marketing, sales and engagement solutions locally, nationally and internationally to grow the local community in addition to real estate and financial services.


Business Experience

We understand the needs of developers, investors, business owners and economic development agencies

We have over 25 years experience in commercial real estate and banking and over 22 years of business consulting and marketing.


Unique Approach & Resource Set

We provide a holistic approach to economic development through engagement, marketing, real estate and financial services. 528 Financial is a resource rich firm providing a unique advantage to an EDC through our experience, network and access to resources.



Banking, finance, real estate, marketing, and technology.


Experienced  team together with technology resources.


Experts to plan and execute campaigns and transactions.


Local, national and international connections.


Unique proprietary technology to increase efficiency and improve results for our client.


Attract diverse interests of government, community, investors, developers and entrepreneurs.


To create an environment of growth through engagement.


Clear, secure and confidential communication through all channels.


We take ownership of the engagement and the transaction.


Honest direct communication with all parties under all circumstances.