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    Let’s Talk


    528 Financial is a financial advisory firm that that provides capital planning for owners and project sponsors in acquiring debt and equity investments in their real estate projects. We serve our client as an independent advocate for our clients focusing on the short term and long term implications of capital structures.

    Our full service owner and project sponsor includes:

    1. Assist in developing the financial strategy for your project
    2. We pre-underwrite and package your information in a format attractive to lending institutions
    3. Secure terms from multiple capital sources
    4. We evaluate and negotiate on your behalf with the lenders for the best terms
    5. We manage the closing process

    We have experience in structuring a financial strategy for:

    • Hospitality industry with flagged hotels and specialty self branded hotels, resorts and restaurants
    • Senior living, assisted living, memory care, nursing homes
    • Other health care facilities from primary care clinics, dental offices, rehab facilities.
    • Multi family facilities including student housing, condominiums, apartment complexes
    • Mixed use projects
    • Office buildings
    • Commercial and industrial facilities

    We have organized financing programs such as:

    • Construction
    • Conventional loans
    • SBA loans
    • HUD & USDA loans
    • Mezzanine
    • Bridge loans
    • CMBS
    • PACE financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy construction
    • Preferred Equity

    What We Do

    We consult to owners, developers and project sponsors on matters about financing:

    • Private equity
    • Preferred equity
    • Conventional debt financing
    • Bridge Loans
    • Mezzanine
    • CMBS
    • SBA 504 and 7A
    • HUD 232
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