528 Financial is a financial advisory firm providing capital planning for owners and project sponsors in acquiring debt and equity investments in their real estate projects. We serve our client as an independent advocate for our clients focusing on the short term and long term implications of capital structures.

Our full service owner and project sponsor includes:

  1. Assist in developing the financial strategy for your project
  2. We pre-underwrite and package your information in a format attractive to lending institutions
  3. Secure terms from multiple capital sources
  4. We evaluate and negotiate on your behalf with the lenders for the best terms
  5. We manage the closing process

528 Financial provides economic development advisory services to cities, counties , economic development and redevelopment authorities in matters of real estate, incentives, strategic marketing to businesses and developers for new developments and economic growth.

Our services have resulted in new investments such as location of new manufacturing facilities, development of new housing, growth and revitalization projects.


Brian Snyder

My experience over the last 30+ years in banking, financial services, commercial construction and commercial real estate lends itself to help our clients at 528 Financial in a multitude of ways.

Sanjay Shukla

A tech entrepreneur having started several technology companies over the last 20 years and helped several others with business strategy and venture capital.