With our 50 years of combined experience of the principals in the industry, we have experienced both ends of the transaction. Our understanding of the banking and financing process in the back room gives us the advantage to counsel our clients to facilitate a smooth transaction. We also understand through experience the frustrations owners and developers go through when working with financial institutions, therefore we have developed a process to ensure we can get quick responses, eliminate surprises and maximize the value in introducing capital to the project that maximizes the value of the project.


Our engagement process involves:

  1. Introductory call
  2. Review of preliminary information
  3. If we think we can add value, request complete project package
  4. Review information
  5. Assemble a war room of documentation assembled and formatted for financial institutions
  6. Present the project to selected prequalified institutions
  7. Obtain best terms for the project
  8. Evaluate and present terms
  9. Select financial institution
  10. Facilitate closing
  11. Celebrate!


1. Construction loans

2. Conventional loans

3. SBA loans

4. HUD & USDA loans

5. Mezzanine

6. Bridge loans


8. PACE financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy construction

9. Preferred Equity